For Product & Retail Merchandising

Looking for a new and unique twist rather than traditional product display merchandising? Choose Flock for your in-store displays and units.

For Interior Design & Lighting

Choosing Flock in the home? We have over 150 colours and textures to choose from. Create a unique difference to your home.

For Personalised Gifts & Packaging

Want to try something really cool? We have the thing for you! Perfume bottles, lamps, mirrors, picture frames, wine glasses and more!

For TV & Theatre Set Design

We work with leading production and set design teams to enable them full flexibility over their set design creation, colours and materials.


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Leading the way in Flocking


A coating that can be applied to surfaces that gives the appearance and texture similar to suede and velvet.

Retail and Product Merchandising

We can apply our Flock coating to a wealth of different surfaces, this is desirable for both products and in-store displays.

Personalised Gifts

Ready to make something truly unique? Try our Trilobal Flock range for a truly special gift!

3 Step Process

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Ready to start your exciting new project? No problem! Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss a way forward with your project.

2. Collaborate

We love to help when and where we can, whether it be on product ideas, colours or applications, we’ll collaborate with you to achieve the best results.

3. Results

It’s time to see you final design in the flesh! We deliver a high quality, exceptional product like no other.

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Satisfied Clients

Helen Davis

Helen Davis

Couture Supplies

Absolutely loving my new mannequins, never thought of anything like this! I'm glad I did, it's made a huge difference to my shop and people can't stop looking at them. Thoroughly impressed.

Patrick Edmund

Patrick Edmund

Edmund Tailoring

I've used Prestige in the past for different pieces and when I found out they were doing this "flock" I instantly knew it would be something I needed in my little shop - really love the Trilobal range.

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Create a stunning and unique design.

We work exclusively with lots of different sectors to bring Flock to the front of the market. See how Flock can work for you.

  • Interior Design
  • TV & Theatre Set Design
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Branding
  • Product Merchandising
  • Automotive
  • Personalised Gifts
  • Retail Displays
  • Lighting